The Dying Season


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released September 6, 2018

Vocals: Michael Spalione
Guitar: Peter Sieg
Bass: Kris Burns
Drums: Andrew Michael

Mixed by Will Allard
Mastered by Jon Moore


all rights reserved



FALL Louisville, Kentucky

chaotic/melodic hardcore

Michael, Kris, Andrew, Peter

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Track Name: Decreation
Meet me where the mountains reach the sea
Where the earth and the sky collapse
Into a single horizon
Find me where darkness hides all sight
Where the sun and moon collide
To extinguish all light

I will question you
You will answer me

I am mythic
It is me you will fear
In silence you cower
Answer me if you dare

I am mythic
I challenge the gods
I trample on kings
I am the one who will judge
Every lie on your forked tongues

We are the wolves at your gate
Your scapegoats come home
We desecrate your altars
We tear down your thrones

We will eat your flesh
We will drink your blood

We are
The wolves at your gate
Desecrate your altars
We tear down your thrones

We are
The dogs begging for more
And I will eat every crumb
As it falls to the floor
Track Name: Warmonger
This is not an end
We've no love for the pain and the suffering
Will not scream out of hate
Will not feed the death
It's dying

When the tyrant is dead
And the flag is raised
What of the lovers of war?
When there's no one left to kill?

Warmonger, where is your will?
Warmonger, you'll have your fill
When the mountains shake
And the earth quakes
You'll pray to the rocks
And you'll hide in their wake

This is our resistance
Outcry born of duress
As long as death is still breathing
There will still be a reason to scream

This is not an end

One day this will end
Track Name: Night
Never will I forget that night
The first night
That turned whole my life
Into one long night
Seven times sealed

Never forget that night
Never forget the faces
Bodies ignited under a silent sky

Never forget the smoke
Never forget the flames
That consumed faith
And forever deprived me of the will to live

Murdered my God
And killed my soul
And turned my dreams to ashes

I will never forget that night
Even if I am condemned
To live as long as God Himself

Seven times sealed

Adapted from Elie Wiesel, Night (1982, p. 32)
Track Name: Ghosts
I didn't come to tread lightly 'round the mortal god beneath
I didn't come to tread lightly; seen Leviathan's teeth
The Stockholm Syndrome of civil religion
If a god is what you need then a god is what you'll feed
They're ghosts in the machine
The flag and the creed
Put your faith in me
I didn't come bend the knee
I came to stand

God without being, god without life
Leviathan swarms and demands sacrifice
Priests and kings both bow before
The only thing life guarantees
Hail the mortal god

We the people, destroyer of worlds
We the people, am death become
Life makes survivors of us all

Your hunger for glory
Bloodlust for fame
You thirst for greatness
But the world will forget your name

Mortal god
The world will forget your name

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